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Saturday, September 1, 2012

BREAKING: Giant Filament Eruptions May Have Caused Hyder Flare/CME

The Largest so Far in the Solar Max. A River of Fire.
See the projected path of the blast:

A large solar filament has ruptured.. sending a blast of charged particles from layers above the suns surface in an "earth facing" direction.

UPDATE -- listed as a Class C .. confirmed "glacing blow" .. which basically just means possible earth interaction.. nothing major, but still a very impressive shot of the we know .. even X class events can go by with no activity at all.

Of course, the possibility always exists of power grid disruption, communications interruptions, possible out of the ordinary auroras in more central latitudes... also watch for post arrival earthquake, and storm activity.

Monitor the ionospheric maps to see the ion flux as it arrives --- this sometimes shows the hard hit areas which tend to display earthquake / storm excitement upon arrival of charged particles.

solar images / video available at:

monitor this site (as well as others) for current space weather conditions :

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