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Sunday, September 9, 2012

BREAKING NEWS - Yet Another M Flare - 9 September 2012

Global Warming Quiz 1:
Global Warming Quiz 2:
Other Climate Videos:
Other Solar Videos:

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Where you will find links to earlier editions of "THE SUN TODAY" as well as other solar related videos and a series of quiz questions and answers on global warming (sometimes with tongue firmly planted in cheek!). Enjoy! If you liked this video please vote thumbs up and pass it on to friends and relations who might find it interesting. Subscribe if you want to track daily updates. If there is something you did not like either leave a comment or send me a PM and let me know how I can improve the service. These videos are a hobby for a retired scientist; I receive no funding for them.

Also check out the excellent NASA solar information and videos at:

For up to the minute websites go to the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center:
Also an invaluable resource, often with interesting pictures at space

There is a wealth of information and background on the various satellite and observatory websites (and links therein), e.g.,
If you want to play with the data you MUST check out:
Want to find your own comets:

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