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Sunday, January 19, 2014

The New World Order Conspiracy Fact (the video they don't want you to see)

ne033x - The Illuminati from ne033x on Vimeo.

I haven't been very active here, and I guess I should explain. I've dealt with censorship for a very long time, but what they're doing now through the NSA is taken too far. Even as I write this, I'm seeing code I've never seen before - so I'm going to say a humble little prayer and hope this goes through.

About the video - I am a Youtube Partner, but after uploading this video, I was restricted to only videos that are less than 15 minutes. They immediately just deleted this video without cause.if you have experience with Youtube, you'll know that is kind of strange - to say the least. A Partner who is restricted from posting material longer than 15 minutes? yet, I have unlimited access to their in-house production studios? So, I opened an account at Vimeo, and NOW I can bring you this video - FINALLY!

So, what has changed? Well, it's not just that the NSA is monitoring ALL  of our internet traffic, telephone communications, and financial behavior, but they are actually controlling the information that you see. I still haven't figured out exactly how - it's some sort of program - but all of my posts are delayed and monitored before I am able to hit the Publish button. I understand how paranoid that sounds, but had NOT a few of my posts been completely banned, I would not make these claims. Even right now, as I type this - my computer is reacting as if there was a key logger infecting my system! So, as always - check it yourself!  just needed to let you know why I haven't been doing much of anything here.

That being said, I want to address whoever is monitoring this particular post, and to assure them that I am NOT publishing anything that is not already out there! The video has been released on more than one website, so I'm asking you to lighten up! I WILL be writing about what you did with my mobile phone, BUT I WILL NOT BE SAYING WHAT THE REASON FOR THE CENSORSHIP WAS! This is what most call a compromise! Actually, I'm not going to do that either! Just know I'm playing by the rules, and I'm asking you to allow this to be published.

I have been using my Twitter account to relay significant news and events, so feel free to follow me there! God bless you all, my friends!