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Sunday, January 19, 2014

The New World Order Conspiracy Fact (the video they don't want you to see)

ne033x - The Illuminati from ne033x on Vimeo.

I haven't been very active here, and I guess I should explain. I've dealt with censorship for a very long time, but what they're doing now through the NSA is taken too far. Even as I write this, I'm seeing code I've never seen before - so I'm going to say a humble little prayer and hope this goes through.

About the video - I am a Youtube Partner, but after uploading this video, I was restricted to only videos that are less than 15 minutes. They immediately just deleted this video without cause.if you have experience with Youtube, you'll know that is kind of strange - to say the least. A Partner who is restricted from posting material longer than 15 minutes? yet, I have unlimited access to their in-house production studios? So, I opened an account at Vimeo, and NOW I can bring you this video - FINALLY!

So, what has changed? Well, it's not just that the NSA is monitoring ALL  of our internet traffic, telephone communications, and financial behavior, but they are actually controlling the information that you see. I still haven't figured out exactly how - it's some sort of program - but all of my posts are delayed and monitored before I am able to hit the Publish button. I understand how paranoid that sounds, but had NOT a few of my posts been completely banned, I would not make these claims. Even right now, as I type this - my computer is reacting as if there was a key logger infecting my system! So, as always - check it yourself!  just needed to let you know why I haven't been doing much of anything here.

That being said, I want to address whoever is monitoring this particular post, and to assure them that I am NOT publishing anything that is not already out there! The video has been released on more than one website, so I'm asking you to lighten up! I WILL be writing about what you did with my mobile phone, BUT I WILL NOT BE SAYING WHAT THE REASON FOR THE CENSORSHIP WAS! This is what most call a compromise! Actually, I'm not going to do that either! Just know I'm playing by the rules, and I'm asking you to allow this to be published.

I have been using my Twitter account to relay significant news and events, so feel free to follow me there! God bless you all, my friends!

Thursday, December 5, 2013


ALERT: Human H7N9 Case Confirmed

Secretary for Food & Health Dr Ko Wing-man has confirmed the first human case of avian influenza H7N9 in Hong Kong, affecting a 36-year-old Indonesian domestic helper. She is in critical condition.

Speaking to the media after chairing the Steering Committee on Avian Influenza meeting tonight, he said the patient was in Shenzhen last month, and had been in contact with poultry there.

She fell ill on November 21 and was admitted to Tuen Mun Hospital on November 27. She was transferred to Queen Mary Hospital on November 30. Her close contacts have minor symptoms and are being isolated in Princess Margaret Hospital.

Dr Ko said the Government has raised the response level from 'alert' to 'serious' under its preparedness plan for influenza pandemic, and the Centre for Health Protection is looking for the patient's friend who travelled with her to Shenzhen.

The Government has suspended the import of live chickens from three Shenzhen farms, and has notified Mainland authorities and the World Health Organisation about the case.

The Hospital Authority will strengthen anti-infection measures, and will limit hospital visiting hours.

The Food & Environmental Hygiene Department will ensure safety and cleaning measures at local markets, and the Agriculture, Fisheries & Conservation Department will inspect local chicken farms to tighten infection control. ( )

ALERT: Hong Kong Reporting First Case Of H7N9 Bird Flu In A Human

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Top 50 Ranking Military Forces Worldwide - 2013

Author's rights:

The information of rankings and equipment (+ budget) are taken from Global Firepower.The tables are done from Diamond Rockes(Not the photos of the states)

Global Firepower:The user should note that nuclear capability is not taken into account as the inclusion of such weapons would defeat the the purpose of such comparisons.

For more information,log on at:

The video includes the information of the nation's military strength such as Defense Budget, Active Military Personel,Active Military Reserve,Total Helicopter Strength,Total Aircraft Strength,Total Tank Strength,Anti-Tank Weaponry Strength,Logistical Vehicle Strength and Total Navy Ships.

Song:Nonpoint-Bullet with a name


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China Defense White Paper 2013

CCTV China Central Television All Rights Reserved

"New missions with diversified tasks for China's armed forces. PLA speeding up modernisation with high-tech weaponary and information technology. Increased regular blue water training and international escort missions. 8th defense paper since 1998. Systematic introduction to missions, tasks and employment of the armed forces.

Priorities: Army moving towards greater mobility with multi-dimensional operations. Focus is on army, aviation troops, light mechanized units and special operational forces. Navy strengthening water operations with real combat capabilities. Advanced weapons, submarines and eletronic systems. Air missile defense and technology.

White paper reflects new characteristics of China's armed forces in a changing world. Peaceful development and building a strong army".

The Chinese Military in the 21st Century

China As A Military Power 中國一個崛起的軍事大國 延續
*** "人不犯我我不犯人,人­若犯我我必犯人。"

China threatens to end the military rule of the U.S. in Asia

In mid-April, the Chinese government said the increased U.S. military presence in the Asia-Pacific region causes a lot of tension, and they plan to send more military forces and strengthen their partnerships with neighboring countries. A recent study found that China increasingly threatens to end the military supremacy of the USA.

China has the largest army in the world ...

In mid-April, the Chinese government said the increased U.S. military presence in the Asia-Pacific region causes a lot of tension, and they plan to send more military forces and strengthen their partnerships with neighboring countries.

A recent study found that China's growing industrial power increasingly threatens to end the military supremacy of the United States (U.S.) in Asia-Pacific waters, making it difficult for Washington to be able to maintain their "status quo" in the region, achieved through its alliances with Japan and South Korea.

The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace published a study of nine U.S. researchers, who claim that "in the next two decades, China will reach the U.S. in its military capabilities, including the ability to build aircraft carriers and stealth type fighter aircraft."

"Will the United States maintain its leadership of the last 60 years in the area? Our own country says yes, but it is still not very clear whether it is really so," said one of the report's authors, Michael D. Swaine, an expert on China's defense policy.

According to experts, due to the economic interdependence between the two countries, "Beijing will probably prevent the use of military force and not cause an armed conflict in order to try to expel Washington from the region."

The document also states that the change in the strategic balance in the region most strongly affects Japan, an economic power whose security has depended for a long time on its alliance with the U.S. government.

Experts also believe that Japan could respond to the growing power of China, further tightening its ties with Washington, as it did recently during the escalation of tension that arose from the islands whose sovereignty is disputed between the two nations.

The report concluded that the most likely outcome of this "arms race" will be a "delicate balance" across the region, causing U.S. hegemony to gradually weaken with increasing Chinese military capabilities.

In mid-April, the Chinese government said the increased U.S. military presence in the Asia-Pacific region causes a lot of tension, therefore, they intend to send more military forces and strengthen their partnerships with neighboring countries.

China's armed forces have always been a staunch force upholding world peace and regional stability, according to a white paper on national defense released on Tuesday.

"China's security and development are closely connected with the peace and prosperity of the world as a whole," the white paper says.

According to the document, the country's armed forces are now mainly engaged in maintaining world peace and regional stability by participating in UN peacekeeping operations, international disaster relief and humanitarian aid, safeguarding the security of international sea lines of communication (SLOCs), and joint exercises and training with foreign armed forces.

Wang Xinjun, a research fellow on war theory and strategy with the Academy of Military Sciences of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA), said, "Taking on the obligations of a major power is an important feature marking China's entering into the world stage."

Lisa Karpova

U.S. B-52s Fly Over China's Defense Zone, and More

What's News: American B-52 bombers flew into China's new air defense zone. Pope Francis criticizes economic inequality and tyranny of markets in manifesto. Critics see red over giant Louis Vuitton suitcase in Moscow's Red Square. Joanne Po reports.

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China's Airheaded 'Air-Defense Zone' Angers Neighbors

China has unilaterally declared an "air-defense identification zone" (ADIZ) over a vast area of the East China Sea, covering disputed islands that are also claimed by Japan and Taiwan. China's ADIZ also brings China into conflict with Korea and Japan

China's defence ministry said that military aircraft entering the zone must obey its rules or face "emergency defensive measures." Japan refers to the islands as the Senkaku while Taiwan and China call them the Diaoyutai islands.

Japan has lodged a strong protest over what they call an "escalation." "Setting up such airspace unilaterally escalates the situations surrounding the Senkaku islands and has danger of leading to an unexpected situation," Japan's foreign ministry said in a statement.

Taiwan expressed regret at the move and promised that the military would take measure to protect national security.

The Chinese defense ministry said aircraft must report a flight plan, "maintain two-way radio communications," and "respond in a timely and accurate manner" to identification inquiries. "China's armed forces will adopt defensive emergency measures to respond to aircraft that do not cooperate in the identification or refuse to follow the instructions," the statement said.

The Chinese claimed that the zone came into effect last Saturday, November 23.

Defense ministry spokesman Yang Yujun said China set up the area "with the aim of safeguarding state sovereignty, territorial land and air security, and maintaining flight order."

"It is not directed against any specific country or target," Yang said. He also added that China "has always respected the freedom of over-flight in accordance with international law." So basically he just lied and wasted everyone's time.

Experts agree that China just wants to test its neighbors and the US. China's greed is boundless - it probably even has its eye on the new volcanic island that formed in Japanese waters last week. What do you think?


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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sonny Barger Exclusive Interview

Go with us behind the scenes into the life of the legendary Sonny Barger. You will see an exclusive interview in the home of Sonny and Zorana Barger. Exclusive interviews with Cast and Crew of the soon to be released movie Dead in 5 Heartbeats. for more details on Sonny Barger. be the first to buy cool shirts and items from this epic movie, see 24 days of B footage. This interview was filmed for Rock Thiz Magazine by Music by Reaper Crew in Dallas, TX please like them on Facebook, song Just Because.

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Sarah Hockensmith's Asteroid Report for 24 November 2013