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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sonny Barger Exclusive Interview

Go with us behind the scenes into the life of the legendary Sonny Barger. You will see an exclusive interview in the home of Sonny and Zorana Barger. Exclusive interviews with Cast and Crew of the soon to be released movie Dead in 5 Heartbeats. for more details on Sonny Barger. be the first to buy cool shirts and items from this epic movie, see 24 days of B footage. This interview was filmed for Rock Thiz Magazine by Music by Reaper Crew in Dallas, TX please like them on Facebook, song Just Because.

For the September issue of Rock Thiz Magazine!

Three hidden certificates will be placed in three magazines

1) Dead In 5 Heartbeats book

2) Dead In 5 Heartbeats Poster

3) Infidels MC T-Shirt from movie

All autographed by Sonny Barger to the winner!

Go to for details

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