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Friday, November 15, 2013

C(Lie)mate #3 - What Doesn't Make The News

For More:
(And get the music - "Mindless" followed by "Can't Stop" - by Nemes1s)

Primary Citations:

NASA Solar-Climate Connection:
NASA Magnetic Field Inconsistency:
NASA Solar Wind Loses Power:
Cosmic Ray Nucleation:
Saturn Superstorm:
NewScientist Lowest Solar Low in 4 Centuries:
Reuters UN Climate Panel Corrects CO2:
Wall Street Journal Solar Strangeness:
Latest Sunspots:
Solar Magnetic Failure:
CO2 Breaks the Correlation:
CO2 breaks the Temp Correlation: CO2/Temp Timelines:
Magnetic Field Failing: ; ; ; ; ;
No Warming Articles--
Independent Journal Review:
CNS News:
LA Times:
NY Times:
Ice Age Potential:

CATO on Climate:

The rest of the articles can be found here: along with most of the ones above too.

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