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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Helicopter and UFO - São Paulo, Brazil - May 21, 2012

UFOs Over Blue Springs, MO Sightings Continue - May 30, 2012

Monday, May 28, 2012

2MIN News May28: Big Quake Argentina, Spaceweather, Planetary Update

Spaceweather: [Look on the left at the X-ray Flux and Solar Wind Speed/Density]

HAARP: [Click online data, and have a little fun]

SDO: [Place to find Solar Images and Videos - as seen from earth]

SOHO: [SOHO; Lasco and EIT - as seen from earth]

Stereo: [Stereo; Cor, EUVI, HI - as seen from the side]

SunAEON: [Just click it... trust me]

SOLARIMG: [All purpose data viewing site]

iSWA: [Free Application; for advanced sun watchers]


RSOE: [That cool alert map I use]


Gamma Ray Bursts: [Really? You can't figure out what this one is for?]

BARTOL Cosmic Rays: [Top left box, look for BIG blue circles]

TORCON: [Tornado Forecast for the day]

GOES Weather: [Clouds over America]

INTELLICAST: [Weather site used by many youtubers]

NASA News:


Always Check the Foreign News Sources as well!!!
Iran: Mehr News, TehranTimes
China: Xinhua,, Chinadaily
Russia: Ria Novosti
Israel: Jerusalem Post, Israel National News, Haaretz
M/E: ArabNews, AlJazeera

World Maps - Scenario Three - 80m Sea Level Increase Projection

World Maps - Scenario Two - U.S. Navy Projections

North America - Scenario One - Dresden Codex 2012 Evacuation Plan

NASA Urges Employees To Prepare For Natural Disaster

H.A.A.R.P., Agenda 21 and Google's Role In The Sinister DNA Plan - Mature Content

Agenda 21 - EXPLAINED - Full Speech

New World Order- The Denver Airport Conspiracy

On the surface, Denver International Airport seems like any other modern airport. It's new, it's clean, it's big, and it's modern. But some investigators have found more to it than meets the eye. Much more.

Claims abound that Denver International was designed and built by the Illuminati as the headquarters for the global genocide that will trigger the New World Order.

An Internet search for "Denver airport conspiracy" reveals that there is a lot of talk about this, and that the specific claims and observations are numerous. The video provides a basic overview for informational purposes.

Skywatch Media Entertainment:

Masons and the New World Order

Deep Underground Military Bunkers • Denver Airport

Former CIA Asset, Susan Lindauer, Speaks Out!

REMINDER: A VERY RARE Thing Will Happen June 5th 2012

The Strange Sounds Phenomenon: A Comprehensive Chronological Compilation

2012 - Signs in the Sun, Moon, and Stars - Just The First 3 Months

Thursday, May 24, 2012

UFO Sightings Have Increased Dramatically in 2012 (JANUARY THRU APRIL COMPILATION)

BREAKING NEWS: Third Video of Mexico UFO's - Downtown

BREAKING NEWS: UFO's Over Downtown Mexico

Belgian Type UFO in FRANCE

NSA & The Mass Surveillance Society

U.S. Internment Camps Inmate Classifications

The recently leaked PDF document " Internment and Resettlement Operations" dated Feb 2010 is a long and fascinating document. This document appears to be a "soup to nuts" manual on setting up and running resettlement camps and penal facilities both in and outside the US. In the manual people are put into differencet classifications. Each of these classifications will have different treatments specified for each of them.

-Dislocated Civilian




-Internally displaced person


-Stateless Person

Take a look at the Army document here: Which one will you be ?
PDF Document Here:

Senate Advances Expanded, "Orwellian" Government Surveillance With FISA Amendments, CISPA

Facebook IPO Funds NSA Data Mining Front Bilderberg Hacks U.S. Elections

TowerCam UFO (Aug 2011)

UFO caught on Cell phone in Russia (May 2011)

The Power of Nightmares -The Rise of the Politics of Fear

The Darker Side of 911 and the French Connection

 Welcome finally to the real truth behind the 9/11 attacks. Much of what you've heard by the alternative media has been twisted by the National Security Agency and the Intelligence network in order to suit their needs and the beliefs they would like the awakening people to follow.

The information provided may shock you if you've never come across any of it before. This 9/11 attack was nothing like you imagined after being steered by the Intelligence false alternative media for all this time. Now is the time for the truth and here it is, enjoy.

The author offers a great analysis of diplomatic espionage, international affairs, corruption, politics and the truth movement. He also knows a good deal about nutrition.


• Quelle: YouTube 480p
• Ripper: m3Zz (THX! Interceptor)
• Genre: Dokumentation

• Sprache: Englisch
• Größe: 2,04 GB
• Dauer: 2h 53m 44s
• Video: AVI-XviD, 720x480 (NTSC, 4:3), 1546 kb/s, 29.97 FPS
• Audio: MP3, 128 kb/s, 44 kHz, 2 CH


Alle 12 Teile wurden in Zusammenarbeit mit Sony Vegas und Avidemux schonend zu einem Video vereint. Dabei wurde das Ende von Teil 1-11 und der Anfang von Teil 2-12 rausgeschnitten, da sie stets gleich waren.


Besucht bei Interesse ruhig folgende Seiten:

Lieben Gruss .:. m3Zz^2011

911 9/11 lie entschlüsselt entlarvt cass sunstein pentagon angriff 3. weltkrieg anschlag verschwörungsseiten alex jones fall of the republic nose in out verschwörungstheorie kony 2012 offizielle fairy tail lightning newton gong andreas von bülow maischberger ihr lernt das, was ihr wissen dürft, peter scholl latour kriegsversprechen unter falscher flagge zeitgeist ungelöst h.m. von stuhl 334 promille lüge mossad geheimloge bnai brith skull and bones baracke obamma think tank pnac project for new american century fukushima terminator fc bayern münchen chelsea atom explosion szene 1 2 3 4 medien tv konsumenten verarschen verblöden obama war iran 2010 2013 2014 tv fake salzgitter etienne sauret even fairbanks honigmann der digitale 11. september 2001

Cyber Insecurity: The New WMD

UFO Files [S1-E15] - China's Roswell [Full]

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Earthquakes Happening NOW

Secret Space Program: Peter Levenda [Full Length]

Something Big is About to Happen - Gregg Braden

Jet Stream Broken - Possible Ark Storm - March-23-2012

Altering The Jet Stream and Man Made Quakes with HAARP

2MIN News May12: Disaster Update, Spaceweather/Planetary Update

More Weather Anomolies Reported Around The World

Lesson One: Global Conspiracy Reality! (part 2)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

UFO caught on film over Southern California , March 14th, 2012

UFO over Amsterdam - March 17, 2012

UFO Caught from Plane - Canberra Australia - April 04, 2012

UFO sighting in Russia March 12, 2012


Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura FEMA CAMPS

John Perkins on Globalization

Orwell Rolls in his Grave (Full 3HR Documentary)

The Wikileaks Documentary -- Full Version

In Search of the American Drug Lords: Barry and the Boys

Sibel Edmonds: US Government Needs To Keep The Fear Factor Alive

AL-CIA-DA Torture Videos Destroyed

CIA Admits Using News To Manipulate the USA 1975

What Is Really Happening In Syria?

Terrorism Begins - 1983 Beirut Lebanon

Mossad, Blackwater, CIA Led Operations in Homs

Mossad vs Assad? 'CIA Death Squads Behind Syria Bloodbath' - Nov 21, 2011

NATO-Backed Death Squads Fuel Violence in Syria - 2012-03-28

Syrian Havoc: Twin Blasts Kill Over 40 - Peace Mission in Jeopardy

News Bulletin - 09:30 GMT update

Video of deadly twin car bomb blasts aftermath in Damascus

Raw Video: Purported Suicide Blast in Syria