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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Altering The Jet Stream and Man Made Quakes with HAARP


  1. We just had an almost severe thunderstorm here in the Wilammatte Valley that went north-south coming out of nowhere after a warm day around 80F which is not unusual.

    The thunderstorm had a bizarre pattern where it went from Portland Oregon to just north of Salem Oregon and the whole setup gave me an artificial feel.

  2. I meant to say the 80F is not unusual as record highs are over 90F.

    The thunderstorm however is and at one point the lightning was almost constant bright flashes for an hour or so.

    Now there is that thunderstorm smell you get after a storm passes thru.

    From here in Silverton on the east side I saw lighting to my west/SW.

    The clouds are still there but not producing anything.

    I have some kind of magnet that prevents storms from becoming severe no matter HOW the air dynamics are to support or *feed* them so being around me you don't have to worry about severe weather. :)