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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Nazi UFO Documentary


  1. Most people may not know that it existed / exists a Nato base south of Hessdalen, Norway, at mount Hummelfjell (1543 m.). This was part of NATO's control and warning system created during the Cold War and was manned until 1986. At the most, the base had nearly 100 employees.

    It was built huge underground plants in relation to these NATO bases.

    Can the UFO sightings in Hessdalen be due to secret experimentation with "exotic technology" under the control of NATO?

    In a series of posts on my blog,, I have tried to show how there are indications that the UFO phenomenon can be traced back to Nazi Germany and the second world war. Probably the technology was imported into the United States with German engineers and scientists through "operation paperclip" and then disappeard into various black projects.

    It is not inconceivable that the United States - through NATO – (with help (?) of Norway) – would want to test this type of technology on Norwegian soil. Remote mountain areas like Hessdalen would be perfect for this purpose.

    1. Thank you so much and I absolutely agree with you!!!