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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

2012 Worldwide Sphere / Ball / Orb UFO Video in Chronilogical Order - VERY PARTIAL LISTING!

Well, if you read my previous post concerning these round metallic unidentified flying objects, this might make some sense to you. Anyhow, I wanted to try to put together the sightings in some sort of chronological order, and what I thought would be a simple afternoon task, would take me at least a couple days - if niot a week. I am shocked at the amount of sightings on youtube alone!

Anyhow, I chose the best video evidence I came across before I had to stop. I've put them in chronological order with the locations, and I am just concentrating on these metallic sphere objects, because there are loads of other very interesting UFOs posted on youtube. This was just a little personal quest, and from the little I did come across, these spheres started showing up - at least - in the 1970s, with credible association to the crop circle phenomenon. If you check yourself, you'll see that sightings have increased dramatically in the last two years, with 2012 being off the charts!

Granted, there may be a few hoaxers out there, and I tried to find examples that couldn't be mistaken for foil helium balloons, flares, or crafty work in Photoshop. I make no claims to know what these are, but I presonally feel there is "something" to them. Anyhow, check them out if you're int6erested, and feel free to add your opinions, ideas, or even sightings. I am extremely intrigued.


England UK - 1989

Low Earth Orbit - Unknown Dates

Jeruslam - January 2011

Peru - March 2011

Brazil - January 2012

Mexico - January 2012

Mexico - January - 2012

Sweden - February 2012

North Shields, UK - February 2012

Russia - February 2012

France - April 2012

Rome, Italy - April 2012

Texas USA - April 2012

Cyprus - May 2012

Ontario, Canada - May 2012

Korea - May 2012

Sydney, Australia - June 2012

Vancouver, Canada - June 2012

Palmira, Colombia - August 3rd, 2012

Cancun, Mexico - August 31, 2012

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