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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Silver Ball UFO Phenomenon - Photographic & Videotape Evidence

I've never publicly explained my opinions concerning Unidentified Flying Objects, or UFOs, as I feel that many can be explained as - I BELIEVE - suppressed government technology. And, if we look at the numerous reports of triangular UFOs seen prior to the U.S. government declassifying Stealth Aircraft, we can see verifiable proof of this. Another thing that supports my views is the Hanibu and Vril programs of World War 2, and the reports of "flying saucers" and "foo fighters" that followed.

I have personally witnessed a UFO sighting in the mountains of Oregon state back in 2000. It was a silver-blue metallic sphere, or ball, that passed overhead. What convinces me even to this day, that there was something very different was my dog's reaction. Let me explain. I was sitting next to a creek in the mountains, not even looking at the sky. My dog, Niamh, began barking at something in the sky, and when I looked up, there it was - slowly passing overhead.  It was brief, and nothing fancy - just a metallic silver ball with a blue hue to it, and even though I cannot give an accurate description of size, it wasn't very big. But, I have seen this same UFO in photos and videos from literally around the world.

Listen, I don't know what they are, but I will say that my dog knows what domestic aircraft are, and HAS NEVER reacted like she did that day. That is what really caught my attention. That is what makes me personally feel there's more to these particular UFOs than meets the proverbial eye. That being said, I am presenting video evidence of the same UFO I saw, as videotaped throughout the world. And this is just a brief example - there are much much more on youtube. As always, you make your own decisions on the evidence presented. And, feel free to offer up your own opinions on the subject.


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