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Monday, June 11, 2012


Very important articles to read here :
LBJ Killed JFK - After 44 years the sad truth is revealed...

How public education cripples
our kids, and why
By John Taylor Gatto

Certainly the group that commissioned the Georgia Guidestones is one of many similar groups working together toward a New World Order, a new world economic system, and a new world spirituality.

Behind those groups, however, are dark spiritual forces. Without understanding the nature of those dark forces it is impossible to understand the unfolding of world events.

The fact that most Americans have never heard of the Georgia Guidestones or their message to humanity reflects the degree of control that exists today over what the American people think. We ignore that message at our peril.


Man-made global warming is a myth. There is absolutely no proof that industrial carbon dioxide is harmful in any way. In fact, Carbon Dioxide levels in the world's atmosphere is just .038 percent!
Climate change is part of a natural cycle caused by the oscillation of the Earth's axis (26,000 year cycle) also known as the Precession of the Equinoxes. A 25-year old report from Lake Vostok, Antartica indicates that carbon dioxide levels rise over 21,000 years as the Earth warms up and then drops for 5 thousand years. The Lake Vostok ice core sample proves this cycle over a 400,000 period.
We know the tilt of the axis causes summer and winter but the fact that the axis has a wobble is less-well known.
Does it really matter? Does being republican or democrat really matter at all? I am tired of hearing the blame game. I am tired of our government sounding like two toddlers squabbling with each other. They are adults. This has reached a level of ridiculousness that has far reaching ramifications. I mean seriously stop and look at the "audience" in the chamber. They sat there and basically placated him. They weren't listening. They weren't acknowledging they were off in their own worlds ignoring everything that was said. I'm sorry but thats not just rude that idiotic. Is this a prime example of how our governing body handles all matters? Its asinine that I'm paying taxes so that they can feel plutocratic.

We need to call for change. Not just you and I. I mean everyone and if we don't get it we force it. There are many small changes that are needed to prevent this from happening again. Or to at least reduce their ability.

* Remove Executive Privilege - You are a public servant. You volunteered your time to do this job. Every last thing you do is a reflection of this country and there for every last decision you make must be transparent to the government and its people. Don't like it? Don't run for office. How can a system of checks and balances work if we can't check up on them.
We should start doing the following to put an end to the bad government we have in the United States of America and in other countries around the world.

1) Cut the cable TV networks
2) Sell your stock
3) Use the internet
4) Post up flyers of what really goes on (in malls, churches, schools, mailboxes, post offices,
5) Throw out your TV
6) Have your family and friends follow steps 1-6.

We can be free and alive in this country.
Time for Atlas to Shrug.

If you earn money, you are Atlas in this analogy.

Live frugally so you pay less in sales taxes.

Spend less so you can EARN less, and pay less in income taxes.

Buy gold bullion. Barter. Pay with cash or in kind. Get off the grid. Downsize your house to pay less in property taxes.

Starve the beast.

Read Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand. The plot of this 1957 book is happening today.
U.S. citizen does NOT MEAN that you live in the several states of the Union.
If you do not live in the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA nor territories of the "UNited States" Corporation, YOU ARE NOT A U.S. CITIZEN.
U.S. citizen: ...

America Freedom To Fascism Movie

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