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Thursday, June 14, 2012

2012 Theory - Magnetic Pole Shift - Translated To English

Skeptics should see this video. If there should be end of the world in 2012 just as this theory...
End of video :

American geophysicist K. McDonald of the University of California
calculated that over the past 300 years has decreased magnetic
field strength by 15% since 1830 by 6% ...

Similar results were obtained from Professor Manfred Siebert
Geophysical Institute in Göttingen, decrease the intensity of
the magnetic field is estimated at 5% per 100 years,
so the extrapolation into the future will come to
the numbers 0 Oe in 3900.However already around 3400 magnetic
protection of the country (it comes from the Northern Lights

unable to capture the hard cosmic rays, decisively influencing
the genetic processes.

- So the answer to other questions discussed, yes, the inversion
occurs when the impact of dangerous radiation "fauna" and its
stem and reproductive organs ... thus the mutation.

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