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Thursday, June 7, 2012


I know that a lot of people - myself included - are concerned when events like this take place, and even though this just occurred, I did expect it to happen. Please let me explain, and I will provide some information to assist you in coming to your own conclusions.

As of right now, the event seems to have subsided - AT THIS MOMENT - but who knows? This has been one crazy year, and it may very well get a whole lot crazier.

First of all, I'm thankful this happened in the evening, and from what I can gather initially - effecting only various spots in the Northern Hemisphere - Northern illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Alaska, Oregon, Japan, England, and I'm sure we'll get more info later today. Now, I could go on and on about my theories, and - in the proverbial nutshell - it has to do with that wacky idea of a magnetic pole reversal, or pole shift, specifically holes appearing in our magnetic shield due to instability. I've posted this documentary three times, and I'm going to post it again because it best describes what is happening. Pay close attention when they address anomolies in our magnetic shield that began a few years ago. Specifically theories and scientific predictions for when the magnetic poles were about to reverse.

I believe that we will find that a dramatic hole appeared in the magnetic shield last night causing solar radiation to hit us hard. However brief it was, let's be thankful that it didn't happen on a sunny day when far more people would be exposed to a direct hit of potentially lethal doses of solar radiation. Let me stress that this is only my own theory, and PLEASE feel free to expand on this. Tell me I'm wrong - PLEASE!

This is all new science to everyone - including our scientists - and if we are experiencing a reversal of our magnetic poles, we are all truly experiencing a once in a lifetime event. Well, hopefully you watched the video and you get the picture. As far as the radiation goes, we're not talking a television raygun blast that will zap you into thin air. No. We wouldn't even know it immediately. I've posted many helpful information about symptoms, signs, preventative measures, etc.. Please utilize the search feature and educate yourselves. Basically, you'll get a headache, get sick, and slowly die off. AND... don't expect a government concerned with population control to publicly address this for various reasons - first and foremost to prevent broad public panic - secondly because it's a perfect way to control the population. refer to my post about a government organization that was formerly known as Zero Population Growth. Nope. We'll just experience a drastic increase of cancer deaths worldwide - the perfect killer really. Especially since it's easily preventable - theoretically anyhow.

Basically, you stay informed by watching Solar activity. You'll want to look for CME's, or Coronal Mass Ejections, and these can very easily be monitored on various credible websites. Additionally, watch for any anomolies with our Sun. Pretend you've just been given a Tornado or Hurricane warning, only this one will continue for months. When a CME is detected, you will be provided with an estimated time of arrival, which is days usually, and avoid outdoor activities.

The next step is Potassium Iodide, and the following video will explain why.

I've posted many videos on making your own Potassium Iodide, so search that also.

It's been a long night, but i will get on this as soon as I hear more. Three other individuals assist me here, as well as numerous contributers worldwide, so they may add to this in the meantime.

Remember, don't be scared - be prepared.


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