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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Earth Groaning Dawson Creek Canada 2012

The most eerie sound was echoing through the sky from somewhere. It could of even been coming from inside the Earth. It sounded like a low trumpet or a giant low harp. Too weird for words. I'm gonna drive around and see if I can record more. If anyone can explain this noise please send Me some info

Uploaded Jan 13 2012. Dawson Creek BC Canada. Location Unchaga Court Apartments. The street in the video is 13th Street.
and the cars traveling from left to right are on Alaska Ave
I don't know if these were earthquake warning sounds or earth or sky sounds but it was really low to high in frequency. It was like a beast groaning. Animal like really Strange. It sent chills up My spine.. We Had a 5.3 earthquake on April 16th 2001 it was centered 40 km Northeast of town I don't know if that has anything to do with it. But I never heard nothing like this before ever. This was not a Moose cause I went hunting with relatives many times and I never heard anything quite like this. This is not the same sound as they are hearing in Kiev. Its not and engine or machine. it sounded like a beast. I just hope it's not something bad


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