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Saturday, January 28, 2012

1/26/2012 -- USDA says NEW WARM LATITUDES shift north = Russia/Sibera North pole


This story is a MUST READ !!!

FINALLY ! It all ties together.

Strange animal deaths starting last year.... global uptick in earthquakes.... weather patterns shifting / changing noticeably .... compasses showing variances .... airports changing their runway alignment .... sun rising early in Greenland .... record snow over Russia/Alaska .... north pole shifting .... gravity and moon anomalies... the list goes on.. but you get the point..

And now this latest story — the USDA confirms that indeed WARM LATITUDES have shifted north!!!

ALERT !! What once was the climate of New Orleans Louisiana to North Florida is now the Climate of South Missouri to North Carolina !!! Plants will be able to live in these warmer new climates developing... thus some tropical species will thrive in what were once colder temperate zones.

This is HUGE news!!!

In my opinion — this all can now be put together into one narrative — THE EARTHS MAGNETIC POLES HAVE SHIFTED .. this is not wild conspiracy talk .. it is now being confirmed by stories like this USDA announcement.

Original USDA story here:


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