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Saturday, January 28, 2012

1/28/2012 -- Year of 2011-- most severe weather on record = OFFICIAL from NOAA

Here is the full blog post with links to the stats and stories .. as well as a breakdown of the OTHER EVENTS that are not listed by NOAA (they only list the BILLION DOLLAR events):

THOUSANDS of people died in severe weather events this past year --- TENS OF THOUSANDS lost homes or were effected Directly by these storms... MILLIONS were partially effected.. and TENS of millions KNOW SOMEONE who was set back by these storms.

If you do NOT have a preparation plan --- please develop one. Im asking you to do it... if you already your plans.. make sure youre stocked up on essential survival items.

Have your family and friends up to speed on what to do/where to go when things get to the point of emergency.

As always.. Don't be scared.. be prepared !

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