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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

ne033x & The Outting of REAL Secrets

There have been many efforts to silence my message. I would like to present just one example - my previous blog - that exists as a ghost!

I want you to pay special attention to the comment I received on this posting from years ago:

And, I bring you EXHIBIT A:

THIS lead me on this particular path!!!

I have learned that I am okay as long as I stay away from certain material. The CIA list was my threat - REALIZED -back at them! Anyhow, I have learned what to watch for in how they censor my content. I have been researching this subject for years! And, I really feel strongly that my previous posting - WARNING - should be taken very seriously!

I know that I have an International audience, and that seems directed at Americans, but this truly effects everyone! I am NOT saying the Coronavirus is THE lab-designed bio-weapon I am suggesting we watch for - but I seriously expect this to be unleashed in the world soon.

If it doesn't happen - fine! Do your homework! Something BIG is in the works!

Don't be scared - BE AWARE! BE PREPARED!

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