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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dark Secrets of the Black Sea - Uncovering the Roots of Early Civilization

The Black Sea is a place of great mystery and antiquity. Ancient legends describe a time when the oceans rose above the land, causing an entire civilization to vanish beneath the cold waters of this ocean region. Could this be the great flood described in the Bible during the time of Noah?

Today scientists are beginning to discover what may have caused the oceans to rise and are developing new insights about an ancient advanced culture that existed in this mysterious part of the world. This program presents amazing archeological evidence of ancient advanced technology and a long lost advanced civilization that flourished in the Dead Sea region before the end of the last Ice Age.

Includes the facts about this amazing mystery and features, on-site investigations, ancient artifacts, under water archeology, and a fascinating series of spellbinding interviews with researchers, scientists, archeologists and the best-known most credible Black Sea authorities in the world today.

DARK SECRETS OF THE BLACK SEA - NOW Available In A Special 3-DVD Collectors Edition and Loaded with Bonus Features, Including Over 4-Hours of Bonus Interviews - Cat# U671 - Go to


* Underwater Archeology
* Advanced Planetary Physics
* Ancient Advanced Technology

What are the critics saying:

"Black Sea slowly gives up ancient secrets. Expedition delves into theories about biblical flood."

"Scientists explore the Black Sea in search of evidence for Noah's Flood."
-  Washington Post

"Geologists Link Black Sea Deluge to Farming's Rise."
-  The New York Times

"Ancient Flood Theory Supported by Discovery of Human Artifacts"
-  Columbia University Record

"Dr. William Ryan proposes the first truly novel interpretation of Noah's flood in over 150 years."

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