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Saturday, April 27, 2013

ALERT: Magnetic Pole Shift Update

"Obviously the magnetic pole is still migrating eastly and soon will do another triangulation to pinpoint its current position, but other than that i thought i would share some of the thoughts in which i have been contemplating over the last few days, with regard to the way i percieve and interpret my experience of life, i start to question sometimes why we call it the human race, maybe i am being naive and humans are in a race, what is the true value and worth of being the only human coming first, what is winning the race, being a trillionaire or experiencing more experiences than others, you may think i am delving a little too deep into thought, you may not, you may ponder the same things and experiences of life which i do myself, guys remember to take time out of life to think about the fact that the earth spins at a 1000 mph on its axis, and that it travels at 68,000 mph around its orbit of the sun, give thought to the fact that if we were 200 miles closer to the sun the atmosphere would evaporate, and if we were just 200 miles further we would be a planet of ice, there is 12 hours in the day, and 12 hours in the night, and there is a balanced universe that to me appears to adhere to a universal code or binary system of zeros and nines, i am probably one of the deepest thinkers and scientific minds you may have ever come across, and i enjoy sharing my experience and my thoughts always, be safe."


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