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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

ALERT: Pole Shift News Right Hand Rule Magnetic Current Direction

In this video i apply the right hand rule to the magnetic currents of the earth, which demonstrates current direction with relation to the north and south pole flowing from the south to the north and current rotation counter clockwise. It is i feel by no coincidence that the internal currents of the earth flowing the same rotation to the earth, it could be supposed that it is the internal currents rotation could quite possibly be responsible for the earths rotation, now we know the magnetic north pole has migrated 20 degrees since 1860 moving faster and faster from the point in which it took up its current velocity, so if the magnetic field is moving according to the right hand rule the internal current or magneto within the earth has also moved 20 degrees and proof of this is the current position of the magnetic north pole, because the magneto is responsible for producing the magnetosphere which is relational to each other, so we have the external crust still rotating as it was 180 yrs ago on its rotational axis pole and today we have the magneto rotating 20 degrees off its central rotation point which it had back in 1860, so we have two rotational properties of the earth the magneto and the outer crust no longer spinning in the same direction, the magneto has advanced 20 degrees at this point or rotated 20 degrees from the outer crust, and this could be responsible for the increase in crustal activities with regard to earthquakes and volcanoes, it could also increase the heat of the internal core as the two are slightly rubbing each other off centre producing friction, and from the other days experiment we found that increasing heat leads to a reduction in magnetic strength, in this case weakening the earths protective magnetosphere. Best Gene.

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