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Thursday, November 22, 2012

UFO Photographed Above Pike County 2012

Longtime amateur astronomer Allen Epling witnessed the mysterious object, and captured it on video with his Meade 8″ SCT astronomical telsecope. He explains that the UFO hovered in the same location for more than two hours, "not drifting more than 10 degress in any direction." But Epling isn't the only individual who witnessed the UFO. According to Lex 18, local police received numerous calls about the strange aerial object.

Image in video was shot with about 150 power magnification. I couldn't risk losing it by taking time to set up a tripod or fixed mount for the camera, so I handheld the camera and struggled to keep the image steady and in the field of view. Couldn't take time to really get a good focus for fear of losing it. However the object's periodic brightening blurred the image anyway at full brightness.

In addition to his video, Epling was able to snap several photos of the UFO.

Journalist Kyle Lovern photographed a similar aerial object that same day approximately thirty miles away in Williamson, West Virginia. Several witnesses over a wide area have reportedly seen this UFO.

According to Lex 18, the Air Force and local airports were contacted about the object in Kentucky, but so far, nobody has been able to identify these sightings.

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