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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pole Shift News's_magnetic_field

First, studying the geological record, we find evidence that at least 175 times the geomagnetic fields have diminished to zero and a magnetic reversal of the poles has occurred. This means the poles have shifted to a different location.

Second, when the geomagnetic field diminishes, it allows unhindered solar energies to flow in unimpeded into the earth's crust, creating extremely low frequency waves, associated with large air pressure changes, can create a electrical stimulation that can bring on a seismic event in the form of an earthquake.

Third, besides shifting of the poles and triggering earthquakes and deflecting solar radiation, it also serves as a shield to deflect comets and other stellar bodies from invading our atmosphere. In other words, it protects us from comet impacts.

Fourth, the jet streams in the air and the giant oceanic gulf streams all carry electrical charge with them. The solar electrical magnetic storms affect these jet and gulf streams, diverting these streams to different locations and affecting air and water temperatures. It also affects directly the atmospheric pressure by creating low pressure troughs associated with severe weather changes such as hurricanes.

Fifth, the crustal stability of the earth is also being challenged, by a noted slowing in the rotation of the earth. Since 1965, the speed of the earth's rotation has been slowing down by 9 milliseconds per day. This might not sound like much, but there is a tremendous amount of energy that is used to keep this earth rotating. As it slows, the energy potential is transferred to the crust of the earth, causing again, an increased risks of earthquakes.

Sixth, the fluctuations in the atmospheric and magnetic currents, is causing the earth to increase the wobble in its rotation. When a top spins, we always note a wobble. As it slows down, the wobble increases, until it topples over. Between 1850 and 1950, the meandering of the magnetic north poles has averaged about two miles per year. Since 1950, our Magnetic North Pole has moved ever 200 miles. So this wobble has doubled.

Seventh, the increased penetration of solar radiation, coupled with moving the jet and gulf currents and thereby shifting the flow of warm and cool water, is causing an increase in the overall temperature of the global climate, plus changing the weather pattern in various climates and ecosystems. This is the effect of Global Warming.

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