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Monday, March 5, 2012

A Personal Message From ne033x Concerning The Possible 2012 Pole Shift

Hello Friends;

I've thought long and hard about how I would make this public announcement of my personal opinion - or theory - about the possibility of a planetary magnetic pole shift, but before I do I think it's very important to give you an idea about how I came to these conclusions. Might give you a better idea about some of the posts I've been producing lately.

First of all, when I first heard about the idea of some major event occurring in 2012, like most, I chalked it up to nonsense. History has shown that proceeding and following the change of centuries, that people are coming up with end of the world scenarios, and that's just how we - as a people - have "rolled". ;-)

What first peaked my interest was a scientific report concerning an unknown frequency that was recently discovered being emitted from somewhere in the center of our Milky Way galaxy. At the same time, I found data concerning the rise in temperatures of other planets - in addition to our own Earth. And, what was particularly interesting was the fact that our Sun was decreasing in temperature - or "dimming". I am not going to quote resources supporting these claims here as I have made several blog posts to back this up. Like me, do your homework - come to your own conclusion. My blog features a wonderful search engine, and you should use it if your interest is truly peaked, But, yes - I have found scientific data to support what I have just said.

So, that is what started this little venture of mine - and what fuels much of the research and information that I have been posting recently. Basically, if I find something concerning my theory, I post it. As I said, I hope you do your own research, and come to your own conclusions. And - ABOVE ALL - PLEASE - feel free to voice your opinions here!!! If you agree or disagree - PLEASE TELL ME!!! Add, correct, or comment your ideas here!!! PLEASE!!!

Okay, I firmly believe our planet is in the midst of a magnetic pole shift - or reversal. And, I also firmly believe that the scientific community also believes this. I believe they've known about it as far back as 5 years ago when "anomolies" began showing up in our magnetic field. I suggest you watch the NOVA Special I posted concerning our planet's magnetic pole shift to fully understand the science behind what I just stated.

LISTEN PLEASE!!! I realize that what I just said could cause panic and alarm for many, and I want to stress that there is no need for that! PLEASE! I've seen all the crap concerning the end of the world theories and I FIRMLY believe that this is not what will happen! Magnetic pole shifts have happened throughout our history, and we are just experiencing one within our lifetimes. I do believe we will experience catastrophic natural events because they're already started. And, they will get worse! But, us humans are a tough lot and we'll get through this! The bottom line is - DO NOT BE SCARED - BE PREPARED!!!

AND... I want to stress that I don't have all the answers! I do not know what will happen for sure! Hopefully nothing! But, so convinced am I - that I have changed my entire plans for this coming year! Basically, I am going to a place that I feel is best suited for surviving natural disasters related to this pole shift! Again - my own decision! Does fear motivate this decision? NO!!! Call it a survival instinct - or whatever - I will still choose to enjoy my every single day, the only difference being the place I choose to be at!!!

Friends, we should NEVER live in fear! That is the whole point of this post from me! I am so sick and tired of the fear-mongers creating this sense of fear with those who see there are obvious problems occurring in our world today! And, I am equally ashamed at our "worldwide global community governments" total lack of informaton!!! Listen, as recently as last month, our planet avoided a near miss by an asteroid that would have caused a very big problem for us! Every single day we face dangers, and that is just a part of life!!! Death is a part of life and there is no getting by that, my friends!

I really hope some more of you begin expressing yourself - become an active part of this blog, and PLEASE prove me wrong! ;-) If you are frightened - please ask questions! I will do my very best to find some answers for you! As far as what will happen - I have my theories! If you read my post where I predicted the major earthquake off the coast of the United States - there was absolutely nothing special about that! What it did prove is that my science does have some legs to it!

So, I will be posting my predictions as to what to maybe expect - or the best ways to avoid the problem geographic regions during this event! Until then, watch this video, and remember - we've survived planetary changes in our past - WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS!!!

Big love from ne033x!

By the way - my God has no name - maybe Love!!!


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