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Saturday, June 8, 2013


FM 420-69.90120



June 2013

DISTRIBUTION RESTRICTION: Distribution authorized to Joe and Jane citizen, John and Joan Q. Public, and anyone NOT associated with the NSA, FBI, their contractors, or any other law enforcement agency or personnel who has seemed to forget that our country was founded on something called the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. THIS IS FOR ANYONE WHO IS NOT THESE DUDES I JUST MENTIONED!

DESTRUCTION NOTICE: You don't have to destroy by any method that would prevent disclosure of the contents or reconstruction of this super serious important document, but pretend it is. It makes it just that much more awesome!




This introduction is specifically for NSA personnel and/or contractors operating on behalf of the Echelon, Prism, and related programs out of Fort Meade, Maryland. You other guys just jump down to the summary - Operation Hubba Bubba for your mission directives.

Being fully aware of how your communications mining programs operate, I know that you were "pinged" to examine this document - my little way of saying, "heeeey." Now, If you are wondering why I summoned you here today? Well, it's cuz I know exactly who you are, what you're wearing, and the car you drove to work in this morning. I even know that you collect fine nick nacks and Avon perfume decanters, AND that you have three (3) cats that you pamper like little children. Enough of the formalities - the truth is - I think you are very handsome, and in a totally nonsexual unhomosexual way. You know I don't swing that way, but you need to know that if I was so inclined, I'd be on you like a cheap lime green polyester suit. And, I know you been diggin' on my stuff! Oh yeah, I know when it's you that's all up in my stuff.
Anyhow, this Operation is absolutely directed at you dudes, but you need to know that not at you personally. It's those other dicks you work with. I understand that you feel like you're protecting your country against the "scourge" of terrorism, but I'm calling bullshit on that. You have gradually been trained to follow your mission directive of monitoring your fellow citizens in order to detect threats to the U.S., but the truth is that a very minimal amount of that intelligence has resulted in the prevention and/or detection of terrorist acts against the U.S.. On the contrary, there has been far more - NUMEROUS - accounts of the intelligence you're collecting being used for domestic law enforcement, political partisan malfeasance, and as you well know - to spy on citizens that you know are absolutely not involved in terrorist activity of any kind.
You might think that a "good" law-abiding citizen shouldn't have anything to hide, and therefore should "take one for the team" and give up that right to personal privacy because we're living in dangerous times, but once again - I'm gonna have to call bullshit! Regardless of any official doctrine or authority you choose to follow, it is independent men and women that absolutely made this nation what it is today. The Constitution of the United States and The Bill of Rights ARE ABSOLUTELY NOT merely outdated documents, but the very foundation of what made America what it is. It is these very ideals that hundreds of thousands of our forefathers fought and died to defend. Now, I know that because of what I publish on a regular basis that I am "labeled" as a "subversive", or an anti-government extremist because of my very public views and opinions, but I want you to really think about this classification.
Seriously! All joking aside! Our country is being destroyed from within! And, I want you to know that I am a proud American - as defined by our forefathers. When Bush jr. was President and America - AND AMERICANS - were disliked in many parts of the world, I NEVER ONCE denied my nationality. While many were telling foreigners that they were Canadians, I always said straight-up that I was an American! My point is that I may be subversive  by official government definitions, but I would sincerely ask you to try to understand the motivation behind this subversive thinking. Is it a crime to TRULY try your best to right wrongs that are occurring within the leadership of our nation? Is it wrong to try your best to inform the people you care for that there is a well-organized, planned, and highly orchestrated endeavor to destroy the ideals, principals, and very foundation of the country that you love?
I could go on and on about the many truly devious and "evil" acts that our government has been actively engaged in on a global scale, but you know what I am referring to. It doesn't take a rocket scientist or a geo-political expert to see this on an almost daily basis now. Our history involved great atrocities on our own native peoples, the enslavement of African Americans, and numerous other human rights violations, but we eventually recognized true equal rights as defined within the documents that our founding fathers established. These documents that remain today BECAUSE of the blood, guts, tears, sweat, and very lives of it's citizens! So, we actually get to a point where a global sense of peace seems at hand and WE - OUR GOVERNMENT - OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS - are out perpetrating violence "in pursuit of peace" - IN OUR NAMES!
Anyhow, Buddy, just want you to know that this is nothing personal. But, I think it's high time to put the monitoring software to the test! I've known about the filter in place at ATT in San Fransisco for a while, and it's a good thing that Americans finally know - FOR A FACT - that all of their telephone and internet communications are being actively monitored. That their basic right to privacy has been violated by their elected officials! So, let's be naughty. HUGS!


Greetings, my fellow citizens and citizenettes! Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to practice your rights as an American citizen to inform your elected officials that you still consider The Bill of Rights and the United States Constitution as a pretty neat-o legal document! I am only directing this towards those that are absolutely NOT INVOLVED IN ANY TERRORIST ACTIVITY WHATSOEVER! Yes, you - the Tilt-O-Whirl Operators, Leaf Blower Operators, Underwater Ceramic Engineers, and other Regular Joe and Joans out there that truly are the backbone of our country! Specifically, those that find it a travesty that your elected officials have taken it upon themselves to listen in on literally all of your telephone calls - check out every single click of your trusty little computer mouse! If you find this illegal activity intrusive and just plain nutty, then you must put your opinions in writing and let your voice be heard! Start by writing your local Senators and Congressmen, for starters! SAY THAT ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

If you need to be reminded of the reasons for your outrage, I urge you to read The U.S. Constitution on Cornell University Law School's website at and The Bill of Rights at . If you have never read these two documents, you really need to. Some may consider these outdated laws, but I strongly disagree. Many - MANY - of our forefathers have fought and died for the principles of these defining documents - These freedom's so many of us take for granted! And, if you read every word of these laws, you'll maybe sense that our founding fathers were aware that unscrupulous politics were a very realistic possibility in our nations future. Admittedly, our nation has had a history of problems on the path to true equality, but we finally made it. Only, to discover that the new threat to this peace is a matter of material wealth! I don't know about you, but what a man has in his wallet does not make him better than me! We have become a literal slave to the World banking system, multinational corporations, and money in general! It is a hard reality to grasp, but prior to the formation of the Federal Reserve Banking System and the Internal Revenue Service in 1933, money served us! Think about that for a minute!

If every man is judged by his actions, then judge our government accordingly! We were once a nation that stood proud as a shining example of equality and democracy throughout the world. Prior to the 1970s, our laws protected us common citizens from corporate negligence! Today, in just a matter of forty years, these laws have completely changed to afford large corporations protection at the price of our health and welfare. One only need look at the recent Monsanto Protection Act to see that this is absolutely no wacky conspiracy theory! Our government leadership - ACTING ON OUR BEHALF - has engaged in the torture and murder of literally thousands of people in this "war on terror!" I'm really hoping you can recall the days when our country condemned these inhumane actions throughout the world! Sure, we've never been that perfect utopia, but I know that in the hearts and souls of most Americans, we stood tall as an example of what was good and right.

The attacks of 9-11 were tragic! We definately want to do whatever it takes to defend against future attacks - that is a given. But, does that include lowering our sense of humanity? Does it require us to literally lose all our basic civil rights? Yes! it is a different world we live in today! The internet has done something remarkable to the world we live in! Our entire world is now at our fingertips! We're learning that people all over this world are just like us! Besides wonderful cultural differences that most of us truly appreciate, we are coming to understand that loving, good people who desire peace exist throughout our world! And, that includes those of the Islamic faith! I find it unbelievable that most cannot recall the Oklahoma Federal Building Bombing - a horrible terrorist act done by our own extremists right here in America - and we can't understand that extremist views are global. So, 9-11 justified the loss of our respect for the basic human rights of our fellow man? Have we forgotten the inhumanities done in Cambodia, Uganda, Iraq, just to name a few? And, 9-11 gives us the right to join this cruel mob of inhumanity?

It's funny how many stand up and defend policies that make it acceptable to kill, maim, or injure innocent people if it ensures that we catch and/or stop the bad guys! Well, let me tell you something - the minute you find yourself weeping at the grave of a loved one, that will change real fast! You endure being kidnapped, tortured and imprisoned with virtually no rights, and you see how long that belief lasts! Hell! Visit a hospital in any of the "theaters of combat" we're currently involved in and you hold a child that had the misfortune of losing their legs, arms, or suffering from painful burns from "war", and you tell me that it's acceptable! And, I know we aren't the worst offenders - by far - but my point is that we once stood as an example against crap like that!

So, Operation Hubba Bubba involves making a decision right here and now to stop thinking that we can't do anything to change things! I know the vast majority of us realize there's real problems in our government, but we've resigned ourselves to the belief that there isn't anything we can do to change things! Well, I'll tell you what - if we don't do SOMETHING now, it will only get worse! Is this really the legacy we want to leave our children? That we knew a huge problem existed and we did nothing to even try to fix it? You read those two documents, and remember every single young man and woman who gave their lives for those words on the paper we call our Bill of Rights!

Let this issue with the criminal violation of our basic rights to privacy be just the beginning of a dedicated and earnest move to remove the treasonous criminals that occupy our elected offices!

So, that's it in the proverbial nutshell! I want to toss in a joke, but this is just such a serious situation we find ourselves in! So, I'm just going to close with a very heartfelt prayer for everyone reading this! Let's make the decision right here and now to not take one single ounce of this crap anymore!

I know that I have many readers who are not Americans, and I don't have the right to speak to you as I do with my home nation, but as your brother in this global community, I urge you to do what you can as well. It does seem like such an impossible task, but let us never forget that the power of love truly does conquer all! We are the majority! We want to live in peace and harmony! Our brothers and sisters are dying throughout the world for men and women making decisions from luxury board rooms!

Your friend,
Danny Watson aka ne033x

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