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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Remote Tracking Devices Worldwide

Tracking is a real technology which can be used for security personal like the tracking of you. You carry many tracking devices with you cell phones, i pads, net books, e readers, credit cards , bank cards and even gov issue id and permits.
Manufactures place tracking devices inside of products for shipping and tracking purposes but as you can see in this video the device can lead to you.

Did you know that Google knows you from the way you search the way you type what you search so even if you use a computer in a cafe or library Google can track with 99% certainty that it is you.

And last but not least did you know Google is a front for security services like the CIA, NSA the CIA started Google with seed money to college kids. (which is more than likely a cover story as the CIA supplied the o/s. Much the same as IBM/CIA gave the Windows o/s to Bill Gates).

Coming soon:
This video was edited out of a BBC Doc on e-waste notice how the device has been blurred out so you don't go looking for the same device in the stuff you buy.

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